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Questions asked at the school information session (2020 & 2021)

Q1 I prefer to go to a university in Japan.
Does this effect my acceptance into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme?

A1 No, it will not. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
(IBDP) is designed for students who aim to study in universities outside of Japan. However, after completing the programme, students may apply for a university in Japan. This will not impact your chance for being admitted to this programme.

Q2 Is it possible for returnee and foreign students to apply for admission in both January and July?

A2 No, it is not. Because the qualification for admission in January and July are different, returnee and foreign students living in Tokyo are not able to apply twice. The admission in January is designed for applicants who have already completed or will have completed a 9-year course of school education by March of that year. The admission in July is designed for applicants who will have completed a 9-year course of school education within the period from April to August.

Q3 Will the tuition fees be different for students in the IBDP than other students?

A3 The tuition fee of Tokyo metropolitan high schools is 118,800 yen. Extra expenses, such as for textbooks and school events, are added to those fees. In addition, the students in the IBDP have to pay extra expenses to obtain IB Diploma.

Q4 Will my score on an English test such as STEP EIKEN, TOEIC, or other tests, counts toward my entrance chances?

A4 No, it wouldn't. One part of the entrance examination for the IBDP is the English Language Skill test. The score of this test will be used to measure students' English ability and will serve as one of the criteria for entrance into the IBDP. There is no requirement to submit other English test scores. In order to be successful in the IBDP, it is recommended that students have the equivalency of an STEP EIKEN score of at least 2 or Pre 1. Therefore, in order to improve your English ability, you can use those English proficiency tests.

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